We strive at the Waukon Feed Ranch to be very competitive on prices, but we also know there’s more to take into consideration when contracting and selling your grain.  

We offer you two convenient locations, two sets of scales, and three pits to help keep lines short. We understand your time IS money. While we are no less immune to a midseason breakdown than anyone else, we retain the ability to continue taking grain at the other site and keep you moving! 

We do more! During the harvest season, we offer extended hours and are open seven days a week.

Most of the grain marketed here goes into animal feed for local delivery. Your grain helps provide additional jobs and an added tax base for the area. That means the corn you market here also helps the local economy.

In the off season, we remain a strong bidder for your grain. Our need for hauling in ingredients other than corn, allows us some flexibility in pricing grain picked up on farm and delivered to ethanol plants or the river.  

If you’ve got questions about marketing your grains please give us a call at the Waukon Feed Ranch!

For more information contact 

 Sarah Smith at 563-568-3909.

Waukon Feed Ranch Cash Bids